“If you’re not doing what you really love, than what are you really doing?”

I’ve always used that question to keep me on track in life. I have a background in hospitality management and have worked closely with some amazing restauranteurs/entrepreneurs over the years. Along my journey in hospitality management, I was fortunate enough to be able to combine my marketing know how and my love for social media to help grow the restaurants I worked for.

Subsequently, I’ve spent the last 4 years creating content and handling marketing for numerous food and lifestyle brands. I’m on a mission to create creative and engaging content for brands/individuals.

Oh, and I’m also a new mom! I welcomed my beautiful baby girl into this world last year (2018) which prompted me to jump heavily back into freelancing. Along with furthering my business, I want to share with others all the tips & tricks I’ve learned from running my own freelance business with others.

So welcome to my site! Feel free to connect with me online via IG or Twitter (@rosisellers).