You’ve Landed Your First Client, Now What?

You've landed Your First Client.jpg

Congrats, you’ve landed your first client! So now what? Chances are you’ve spent so much time marketing yourself and creating funnels (God bless your heart if you’ve mastered this) that you’ve haven’t taken the time to figure out what’s next? What exactly will you need to do to make sure your first client doesn’t become your last client? No need to worry, I got you covered! These simple yet effective tips will have you ready conquer your first gig and move on to the next.

Get Organized

This is a good time to get your ducks in a row. What systems will you need to have in place for this client? Will you need any new tools or apps to manage your client? If so, will you need to pay for them or are they free? Also, will you need to create separate accounts for tools you already use like Dropbox or Gmail, or will creating separate folders be enough?

This is also a great time to get your calendar together. If this client requires you to come in or meet up on certain days, make sure those days are free.

*Make a grand list of everything you will be doing for your new client. From that list, identify what you will need (tools, available days, additional storage, etc.) and use that as a starting point to get yourself organized!

Be Consistent

Make your business hours clear to your client and make sure you’re available to respond to your client within 1 hour time during business hours. Even if it’s a note saying “Hey, I'm in a meeting and I will give get back to you within the next 2 hours”. You never want to go “radio silent” on any client, especially a new client. Being prompt and consistent is what's going to build you guys working relationship and help gain their trust. Always be available when you say you will be available.

And deliver on time! Don’t be the contractor that’s always a day or two behind. If you told them you're going to get them that report by EOD Thursday, send it EOD Thursday, not Friday morning.

Upsell when possible

I once worked as an ‘Influencer Consultant’ for an app where my main role was to recruit influencers to promote the app. Though it was a dope app, I realized that they really lacked in marketing especially when it came to social media marketing. After a couple of months I pitched myself to the founder to help create social media content for them. I honestly could have done this the first week because that’s when I realized they needed help with it. I decided to wait so I could first prove myself knowledge and reliability before approaching them about additional responsibilities. And it worked! I was soon bringing home 2 checks from 1 client.

* Anticipating a client’s needs is a great way to upsell your services. Ask yourself, “besides that they hired me for, what else does this client need help within their business? Is it something I can help them with?”. If the answer is yes, find the right time to approach them about taking on that task.

The Grind Doesn’t Stop

So now that you’ve taken the time to get organized for your new client, what’s next? Well, getting more clients of course! Very few of us are fortunate enough to land a single client that meets all of our financial goals on the first go around. Once you feel like you’ve gotten a handle on your first client, continue your marketing efforts to land new accounts. Don’t forget to update your portfolio/resume with your new role.