Get Croissant! The App That's Changing The Coworking Game.

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If you know anything about me I’m a HUGE fan of coworking, at least when it’s done right! There are many entrepreneurs and freelancers who worship their home offices but as a NYC freelancer who has roommates my work-from-home experience isn’t really that great. It usually starts off smooth. I whip up a quick breakfast, grab a cup of joe, take out my Mac and get to work! But slowly me sitting on my bed turns to me laying on my bed or maybe it’s one of the times my TV mysteriously turns on (well maybe not so mysteriously) and I’m caught up watching a Live episode of The Breakfast Club… Let’s just say for me being able to work outside of the house allows me to be WAY more productive. So I was excited a couple months back when Nisha, one of the awesome co-founders of Croissant, reached out to me about trying a month of their services in exchange for my honest opinion on the app. But before we get into my thoughts on it, let me tell you what Croissant is.

Croissant is an app that gives you access to various coworking places in your city. Based in New York, Croissant has coworking places in NYC, Boston, Washington DC and has recently expanded to San Francisco.

Getting started!

After receiving my credentials from Nisha I downloaded the app, entered my email and password and bam! That was it. All 30 of their NYC locations were at my fingertips. I loved that there were a couple locations right in my neighborhood of Harlem that I could walk to as well as numerous ones downtown which would be great for a whole day of coworking or for popping in between running to meetings.

I kicked off my membership by going to a familiar place: TEEM.

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I’ve been to Teem before, it’s right in my neighborhood and it’s always a good spot to get some work done. It’s a simple space featuring coworking desk and privates offices. I got assigned a desk where there was an outlet available. No need to fight over outlets like at the cafe, Yay! They also had coffee, water and snacks available and I was welcome to store my lunch in the communal fridge. TEEM is a solid coworking space for when you just need to get stuff done! My boyfriend would love TEEM. You see he doesn’t believe in luxury coworking. He’s more of the “I come here to work not play” type of entrepreneur and hey, I get it. But me on the other hand, I am ALL about the amenities. I love when coworking spots offer more than the standard desk and coffee. Like Primary for example.

Photo Cred: Alex Welsh

Photo Cred: Alex Welsh

Primary thus far is one of my favorite coworking places available through the app. Centered around wellness, primary offers mid day yoga and meditation classes that of course I had to try. Now I’m far from a Yogi but I’ve done some yoga before so I figured I’ll opt to try a yoga class.

Photo Cred: Alex Welsh

Photo Cred: Alex Welsh

Photo Cred: Alex Welsh

Photo Cred: Alex Welsh

After the session it was clear that I could definitely brush up on my yoga skills but I enjoyed myself. The instructor was encouraging and patient, and I left feeling refreshed and ready to get back into the real reason I was there… to cowork! The co-working room was nice as well. The whole space had a very zen vibe to it which helped me push through the mountain of work I had that day.

My overall thoughts…

Honestly, I'm hooked on Croissant. So much that after using the app for a month, I was able to come aboard the Croissant team as their Brand Ambassador. (Yay me!) What I like about Croissant the most is the flexibility it gives me as a freelancer. Some days I just need a desk, some coffee or tea and some peace and quiet to get my work done which they have ton of spaces for. But other days I want to feel the energy of other creatives around me, interact with them, take a yoga class or maybe enjoy some complimentary wine from the “booze cart” that Grind Park offers weekly. Croissant allows me to cowork around the city based on my mood and that is something that traditional coworking memberships fall short off. I would recommend Croissant for any freelancer, entrepreneur and/or creative but especially those who are constantly “on the go” and like to try experiences. You can find out more about what Croissant has to offer on their website

5 Must Have Social Media Tools

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Social media marketing is essential for expanding a brand/business's reach and connecting with it's audience. In an ideal world, a business would have it's own social media marketing team but in reality most entrepreneurs (and freelancers) have to create and execute their own social media strategies especially when first starting out. But no need to fear! From time management to analytics, I've rounded up my Top 5 apps for ROCKING any social media plan.

1. Time Management: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the leading social media management tools and has been around for a while. This tool can manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts. The free version allows you to manage 3 social media profiles and includes post scheduling and basic analytics

It’s pro plan that starts at $9.99 a month allows you to manage up to 50 social media profiles and allows up to 9 team members to contribute. It’s a great plan for the solopreneur as well as small businesses with up to 500 employees. This is one of my favorite tools because it save me so much time when I need to share content across multiple platforms.

2. Analytics: Iconosquare

Analytics for Instagram?! Say what! Iconosquare allows you to analyze, manage and engage with your audience on Instagram better. This tool is one of the most in-dept analytics and management tools to be created specifically for Instagram. Iconosquare allows it’s users to

  • See daily gained and lost followers

  • See top followers

  • Identify where your influencers are located

  • Discover your best time to post according to the number of likes, comments or engagement rate you get

  • Discover the most influential posts on hashtag.

  • Track up to 5 of your competitors.

  • Compare your performance with theirs – engagement rate, followers, likes, comments…

  • Export data to build your own report.

3. Influence: SocialRank

SocialRank is my boo. No seriously, out of all the apps in this list SocialRank has a special little place in my heart. I’ve used this tool for many things. It’s a great starting point for finding potential influencers when creating an influencer campaign for a brand or business. SocialRank allows you to see which of your followers have the largest following and are the most engaged with your account. I’ve always found greater success when working with influencers who are fans and supporters of a brand before hand. This tool is also great to find out “who” my followers are by using the keyword bio filter to search for keywords in my followers bio. For example, I was looking for more women to feature in amy recent blog post 10 Women Share The Hardest Thing They Had To Overcome Within Their Careers and What They Learned From ItI used that filter to search words like entrepreneur, freelance, and creative to find which of my followers would potentially be a great fit for the article.

4. Research: Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a great tool for content creators. A great content strategy starts with research and strategic planning. Buzzsumo helps you find content that resonates with your audience by allowing you to search the most shared content from 24 hours ago to 12 months ago, review how many times your topic area is shared on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to give you a better feel of. It also shows you which form of content is shared most often (infographics, videos, long form, etc.) and what domains are shared most often. Note: I wouldn't be a bad idea to check those site to see what type of content they're publishing.

5. Creativity: Font Candy

Now I’m a photoshop type of girl but sometimes it’s just better to keep it simple. Font Candy is a photo editor with allows you to add typography captions via text overlay and other creative graphic designs. I use this app most often to create quote pictures to share on social media or within blog posts.  It’s super simple and easy to use but creates a wide array of different looking graphics.

Do you use any of these social media tools or are you interested in giving any of them a try? What social media tools do you use to ROCK your social marketing? Let me know! Feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me @RosiSellers. I’m always looking for more new things to add to my social media toolbox!