Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?

When I tell people I work in marketing and my specialty is influencer marketing, it’s usually followed by one question… What is influencer marketing? It’s honestly a fair question since it sounds much more complicated than it really is. Influencer marketing targets key influencers to help brands drive their message to larger audiences. So instead of directly telling potential customers they should buy a product or support their brand, they pay (or create some sort of incentive) for influencers to get the word out for them. Think about it: Would you be more inclined to try a new skin care product if...

a) you see an ad for it plastered across a bus on your way to work or,

b) your favorite beauty blogger created a post showing how their dry skin has improved since using the product?

Most will go with B.

So now that you know what influencer marketing is, how do you know if it’s right for your business or brand? Generally speaking I believe most brands, no matter the industry, can benefit from influencer marketing. I’ve worked on influencers campaigns for beauty brands, gaming apps, restaurants and other businesses. And here’s why:

  1. Cost Effectiveness: While major brands like NBC (who used influencer marketing to draw millennials to the Rio Olympics Gameshave the luxury of sparing no expenses when it comes to creating marketing campaigns, influencer campaigns also works with smaller brands who have much smaller budgets. For example, a clothing brand can incentivize fashion bloggers and influencers to write or post about the brand simply by providing them with product if they haven’t gotten to the point where they can afford to pay influencers.
  2. Innovation: Collaboration often brings forth the best ideas. Working with influencers can cause you to think about marketing your brand or product in ways traditional advertising wouldn't.  Also consumers are tired of traditional advertising. Honestly, how fast can you click the “Skip Ad” button that pops up on a site or a Youtube video? I’m at about .3 seconds.

  3. It’s SocialThe best influencers have great social followings. I use the term  “great” instead of “large” because a large following isn’t the only determinate for being a  great influencer. Engagement and the ability to make stellar content are also factors that contribute to being a great influencer. Although some companies provide influencers with pre-made content, a lot more opt for the influencers to create the content (photo, blog posts, etc.). This allows you to get the attention of their audiences as well as repurpose the content and share with your audience.

So if you’re building a social strategy and you haven’t included influencer marketing, you could be missing an opportunity to scale your brand socially and at a great price. And if you feel like you want  to start implementing influencer marketing in your strategy but have no idea on where to start no need to panic, that’s what I’m here for! I’ve worked with small and national brands to find influencers and implement influencer marketing strategies. So if you’re looking to get started contact me for a FREE consultation where I’ll guide you on where to get started with your influencer marketing efforts.