Le Botaniste: Social Media Manager

For all of 2016 I managed all social media platforms and was responsible for strategy, content, execution and analytics. I also created marketing campaigns and handled influencer outreach.

Influencer Marketing:

Blog Post.png

I launched an influencer marketing campaign for Le Botaniste, a food and wine bar in manhattan. I identified influencers who have large and engaged followers with interested in food and healthy living. The campaign included 7 influencers and resulted in over 10,000 social media impressions, 2 blog writes up and 5 star Yelp review. 


Obvious.ly: Social Media Specialist

Jan 2015-Oct 2016

Obvious.ly is a full service social media firm that specializing in creating an scaling influencer marketing campaigns. I've worked with various companies in various roles from influencer researcher and contact, community manager and administrator.

Community Management Duites:
I managed the communities on Sulwhasoo and AmorePacific Instagram and Facebook accounts. My goal was to create the company's persona by engaging with active and potential customers. 

Analytics and Strategy Duties:
I labeled and tracked each post created to see how they performed and how they we're able to engage followers. Through categorizing and tracking the performance of posts, I was able to help the lead strategist see what type of marketing works best with each brands active and potential customers. For example, I was able to determine that editorial-like photos and Asian inspired photos created more engagement for Sulwhasoo but lifestyle photos featuring the product created more engagement for AmorePacific. 

Results from Influencer campaigns I worked on for Ringly + New York Times. 

National Brands I've done influencer marketing for while with Obvious.ly include:


Fresh Planet: Marketing Consultant

Summer of 2017


I was brought on to create influencer marketing campaigns for the app Song Pop 2. Song Pop 2 is a “Guess That Song” inspired app that allows you to play against friends as well as users across the world. See some campaign results below:

Result from @AlonzoLerone’s SnapChat influencer campaign with Song Pop.

Alonzo Snap Results.PNG