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#SummerBrunching: Cove Lounge

If you know me then you know I love a good brunch, and that’s exactly what I had at Cove Lounge. Located in Harlem between 126th & 127th streets, Cove Lounge is bi-level dining and nightlife lounge. I must admit, I’ve never really considered Cove Lounge “brunch spot” so I was really surprised by how delicious the food was.  

I got to taste an array of news & classic brunch items prepared by their head chef Harold Brenton.


Photo by Phillip Ayala 

Photo by Phillip Ayala 

I could seriously eat those Crab Cake Benedict for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yea, it’s that good! It’s one of their new brunch items and certainly a great addition to the menu. The Hollandaise sauce had some heat to it which I really enjoyed.

Goes great with: Mimosas!! *You can enjoy unlimited mimosas for a 1.5 hours for $20 .


Photo by Phillip Ayala

Photo by Phillip Ayala

This was my first experience trying an “Impossible Burger” and boy, I really thought I was eating a regular burger. There I was taking the smallest of bites because I thought the patty was beef (I rarely eat beef these days) and Chef Harold comes in to tell us it’s their new vegan burger. I wasn’t the only person surprised in the room, many of us agreed this was probably the best vegan burger we’ve had. The pretzel bun and house-made sauce were great additions to this burger.

Goes great with: Cove Salad.


Jerk Wings.jpg

The jerk wings surprised me. Lately, it seems like a trend to incorporate Caribbean, African and other ethnic foods/spices into menus and restaurants where they have no place. This certainly wasn’t the case with Cove Lounge’s jerk wings. The char on them was perfect, the glaze was savory yet brought that heat I’m looking for when eating jerk chicken. You can tell they really understand Caribbean flavors and I truly appreciated that.

Goes great with: Honey Cove, a sweet yet hard-hitting cocktail featuring Honey Jack. See pic below.


Photo by Phillip Ayala

Photo by Phillip Ayala

So if you’re looking for a brunch spot in Harlem, be sure to check out Cove Lounge, I will definitely be back. Their brunch menu will be available through Sept/Oct.